Emily van Eesteren Ceramics


I have been making ceramics for over 12 years. I sell through friends and exhibit in our local gallery in Shaftesbury, Dorset. I have done two exhibitions near Cheltenham.

I focus on surface texture using mainly fossils, shells and leaves. The pieces are ‘raku-fired’, which gives the glaze a wonderful variety of colours against a matte black background.


After a visit to Iceland, I developed a range of porcelain bowls with lava-imprinted edges, filled with melted blue and green glass.


I concentrate on texture using anything that has an interesting pattern and form. I am an avid collector of 'bits and pieces', usually from nature, and gather fossils, shells and stones from various beaches, along with ferns, leaves, flowers and bark from my own garden.


Lustruous and unique

The ceramic pieces I make, mainly bowls and plates, are raku-fired. The process is an ancient Japanese technique that enables the potter to create one-off pieces.


Raku ware is decorative and naturally porous.


Broadly speaking, the pots are taken from the kiln while they are still red hot, and they are then placed in a material that easily catches fire, such as sawdust or newspaper. This process causes the glazes to change colour and create unique patterns.


Translucent and smooth

Porcelain is admired for its translucent quality and smooth texture. Because it fires at a high temperature, it is possible to incorporate coloured glass, which creates a wonderful jewel-like colouration, with a reflective quality and crazed pattern.


A winter visit to Iceland inspired a collection based on the brooding colours of lava and the sparkling frozen water. I was fascinated by the texture of lava and the colour of water reflecting up through the ice and snow.

The resulting items are made in porcelain with lava-imprinted, manganese edges, filled with melted glass pools in the blue green spectrum. 

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